A Homeowner's Guide to Spring Maintenance

April 9, 2021

After seeing a few “fake springs”, we do believe that spring is, in fact, here! While Northern Minnesotans are beginning to enjoy the warmer weather and presence of the sun - with the start of consistent warm temps, your home may be experiencing some issues.

During this season, it is important to evaluate your home for any signs of damage or wear and tear from the winter season and thawing. The maintenance and upkeep now will be easier and cheaper than repairs down the line. In the past, we posted our winter housekeeping checklist, below is our list for the upcoming spring season.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can fill with falling flowers, twigs, leaves, and animals that choose to build their nests there. When gutters or downspouts clog, water often pools on the roof or reroutes to flow down your house’s siding, which can cause damage to siding, interior, and exterior walls. Inspect and clean gutters regularly to stop draining issues.

Slow Drainage

Once the snow melts, the ground can be so waterlogged that it cannot absorb any more rain or melting. Still needing to drain somewhere, this moisture can leak into your basement and cause flooding. Making sure your sump pump is working well, or installing a new sump pump or French drains can be helpful in these situations.

If you experience water puddled by your house, you may need to look at your landscaping. Changing the slope to be away from the house can help with flooding issues.

A Cracked Ceiling

A crack in your ceiling from the attic is often linked to the colder weather from winter. If the crack is found somewhere else in your home, it could be linked to the house’s foundation or a dampness/mold problem. While sometimes a crack can just be caused by the property settling over time, sometimes there is a more serious issue happening. Call an expert if you are unsure about the cause of a crack.


Exterior paint protects your siding and windows from water and rot – and also gives your home a nice, clean look. If there are signs of peeling or chipping, you may need a touch-up or a fresh coat.

Leaking Pipes

Low water pressure, spiking water bills, puddles around your property, spots of water around fixtures, and unpleasant smells can all be signs of leaking pipes. Pipes may begin to leak due to contracting during the colder months while the water that runs through them expands, resulting in cracks. Your pipes, along with the new cracks, then expand once the weather warms up leading to leaks.

Roof Issues

Heavy snowfall from the winter can cause problems for your roof. With the rainy days and additional melting that spring brings, if your roof has obtained any defects - you could have leaks. If there are stains on the walls or ceilings, this could be a good sign your roof is leaking.

Throughout winter, heavy snow collecting on your roof can affect the roof’s structural integrity causing some parts of the roof to sag. Once this snow melts, the water sits in these sections, soaking into the roof and leading to excessive moisture related issues within the attic.

Chimneys should also be inspected for cracks. Melted snow can run into these cracks, later freezing at during cooler temperatures at night and causing the bricks and mortar to expand resulting in leaks or a loose chimney. When you see signs of any issues, call a professional to inspect your roof and discuss repair options.

If you spot a problem around your home, never ignore it. Ignoring an issue that seems small can create a large problem down the road. If the problem is solved when small, it can often require less care, is easier to treat, and tends to cost less. If you are unable to take on any of the repairs, cleaning, or maintenance around your home for spring, our team at Litman Construction offers handyman services, and consultations.

Knowing what potential issues may arise, how to prevent them from happening in the first place, and how to take care of them/who to call to help when they do occur can take away a lot of stress of being a homeowner this spring.